Unlikely Aoun visit Saudi before informing Hezbollah - 15:46 | 17\10\1395
Arab expert in regional affairs says it was unlikely that Aoun visited Saudi without giving prior information to Hezbollah.
Tel Aviv seeks to influence PGCC and C.Asian states - 15:35 | 14\10\1395
Iranian expert says Israel seeks to recruit allies in the region by forging military agreements with certain states.
Saudi serves as a tool in hand of Israel - 1:05 | 13\10\1395
Iraqi Vice-president, Nouri al-Maleki has reaffirmed that Israel is the key source of conspiracies against the regional nations.
UN resolution, a PR stunt - 0:03 | 10\10\1395
The recent UN resolution showed how the west is angered by the Israeli conduct against the frequent western condemnation of the settlements.
UN resolution, watershed in Palestinian issue - 20:39 | 06\10\1395
An Iranian expert in regional affairs says the UN vote against the Israeli settlements showed that the cost of supporting Israel has become too high for the west
Palestine will return to top of Muslim agenda - 17:58 | 05\10\1395
Mottaki says enemies sought to have the Palestinian issue forgotten through pitting Muslims against one another.
Aleppo victory shows national unity restored in Syria - 17:53 | 05\10\1395
Sheikholeslam says the liberation of resistance in Aleppo was a common feat by all forces, including Shia and Sunni.
Without supporting Palestine, one can’t claim unity - 17:32 | 05\10\1395
Sheikh Qasem says in order to prove true unity and solidarity one should support Palestine
Victories in Iraq and Syria, prelude to liberation of Palestine - 20:50 | 24\09\1395
Hashd al-Shabi spokesman says the eventual victory of the Iraqi and Syrian forces would leave a major impact on the equation of power in the region.
Hashd al-Shabi considers Israel, enemy no 1 of Islam - 0:53 | 23\09\1395
Iraqi politician says the popular Iraqi resistance group, Hashd al-Shabi considers Israel as enemy number one of Islam
After stifling ISIS, Iraqi resistance will focus on Israel - 0:44 | 23\09\1395
A member of Badr parliamentary fraction says the Iraqi popular forces will eventually overcome terror groups in the country.
Trump better than Obama for Israel - 12:53 | 30\08\1395
Expert says Israel-US ties are so strategic that they would not take any effects from the change of presidents in America.
Trump would keep loyalty to Israel - 21:06 | 27\08\1395
Hanizadeh rejected the idea that Trump would do anything for the Palestinians by pressing Israel
Change of US presidents would not affect US stance towards Israel - 20:38 | 27\08\1395
A senior Iranian diplomat says change in US presidents would not deliver tangible change in the US foreign policy.
Referendum, good offer for Palestinian issue - 18:22 | 24\08\1395
Noushabadi says the offer to decide on the Palestinian issue through a referendum of the original population of Palestine was good enough
Arab states’ normalization, against nations’ will - 17:32 | 23\08\1395
Bahraini activist says the Palestinian issue bot has a religious side and a human one to which even non-Muslims adhere.
German reporter lauds Qodsna over ethics - 14:38 | 20\08\1395
German journalist, Lance Meinhart has appreciated the Qods News Agency (Qodsna) over its “adherence to media ethics
Qodsna has a mission to support innocent Palestinians - 15:16 | 19\08\1395
A senior pro-Palestinian figure in Iran says Qodsna has a mission to falsify anti-Palestinian smear campaigns
Actor: ready to act in movies on Palestine - 22:54 | 18\08\1395
A senior Iranian cinema actor said he was ready to act in a movie on Palestine.
Al-Hayat editor: Palestinian issue remains alive - 16:01 | 18\08\1395
Editor of al-Hayat daily in Tehran says the Palestinian issue rests in the essence and heart of the Muslim community