Radical appointed US amb. to Israel - 12:34 | 05\01\1396
New US ambassador to Israel, who previously worked for Trump as a bankruptcy lawyer, is a controversial appointment.
March 16, 2003: Rachel Corrie murdered by Israel - 18:57 | 26\12\1395
On 16 March 2003 in Rafah, occupied Gaza, 23-year-old American peace activist Rachel Corrie was murdered by Israel
Turkish government and lost sincerity over Palestine - 15:38 | 25\12\1395
The Istanbul conference was held in the absence of leaders of Palestinian groups, showing how little importance the groups consider for the conference.
Trump, American or Israeli? - 14:06 | 23\12\1395
US President Donald Trump has adopted such positions concerning Israel which virtually act as a green light to the radical and racist policies of the latter
Nationwide referendum, a solution to Palestinian conflict - 15:23 | 13\12\1395
The strategy seeks to have Palestinian refugees return to Palestine from across the world before they vote in a referendum
Major campaign needed to turn referendum offer into public call - 18:11 | 11\12\1395
Though viable, the offer was boycotted by the western governments as it would help remove their fabricated state ‘Israel’
A note from the Intifada conference - 13:43 | 09\12\1395
Ayatollah Khamenei in his speech to the 6th conference on intifada at one occasion made mention of the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, by praising the military branch of the movement.
All for Palestine - 15:05 | 03\12\1395
The sixth international conference on supporting the Palestinian intifada is held at time when Palestine, the West Asia and the international community undergo a new situation.
A history of Palestinian intifada - 18:13 | 01\12\1395
The third intifada is still on showing it may offer the Palestinian community the necessary options for passing through the current stalemates
Astana 2 paves ground for war on terrorism - 14:46 | 30\11\1395
The third Astana conference on Syria is crucial as its declared agenda has found newer advocates, namely the US and Jordan.
Yahya Sinwar elected new leader of Hamas in Gaza Strip - 15:41 | 28\11\1395
Yahya Sinwar, known as the founding member of the Hamas military wing, was chosen in secret elections.
Imam Khomeini revived Palestinian issue - 14:43 | 13\11\1395
Islamic revolution in Iran resulted in the intensification of the Muslims' campaign against the Zionists
1979 Islamic Revolution changed political attitude in region - 12:34 | 13\11\1395
Iran’s Islamic Revolution got triumph at time when the East and West blocs were unrivaled and the Arab states had to join the East in order to challenge the US.
Kuwaiti minister’s visit to Tehran, effort to save Saudi from mire - 13:19 | 10\11\1395
Analysts view the recent Kuwaiti FM's visit to Tehran as a liaison effort for mending the ties between Saudi government and Iran
Netanyahu's era in doubt amid scandals - 15:02 | 09\11\1395
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent legal troubles have raised the usual question of who will lead Israel in the post-Netanyahu era
Astana talk, a step towards political resolution - 14:09 | 06\11\1395
The Astana peace talk on Syria is billed to have a good prospect for paving the way for a political resolution of the situation.
Astana peace talk shows resolve exists for political resolution in Syria - 14:36 | 04\11\1395
Astana meeting is highly hoped to make a breakthrough in the Syrian issue despite a raft of similar meetings held in the past by the West.
How Gaza turned into symbol of resistance - 14:42 | 29\10\1395
These days mark the seventh anniversary of the Israeli war on Gaza when Israeli exhausted it military, media and intelligence abilities to launch onslaught on Gaza
Palestinian issue in focus again - 15:02 | 27\10\1395
The Palestinian issue has returned to the world diplomatic stage following a letup in bloody developments in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.
US has largest imprisoned population - 20:40 | 21\10\1395
All in all, close to 1.6 million people – that’s 1 in 200 Americans – are currently serving time in a federal or local prison.

Palestine News
Walled Off hotel starts work in Beit Lahm
Only three meters away from the Apartheid Wall, a hotel was built and named after the Israeli apartheid wall,described as the hotel with ‘the worst view in the world’.