Walled Off hotel starts work in Beit Lahm - 14:27 | 21\12\1395
Only three meters away from the Apartheid Wall, a hotel was built and named after the Israeli apartheid wall,described as the hotel with ‘the worst view in the world’.
65 Palestinian women and girls imprisoned by Israel - 14:30 | 18\12\1395
As the world marks International Women's Day, 65 Palestinian women, including 12 minors, are being imprisoned by Israel under dire conditions
American Herald Tribune's report on 6th intifada conference in Tehran - 20:46 | 14\12\1395
Canadian University professor, Anthony James Hall authored a review the sixth international conference in Tehran in support of the Palestinian intifada.
Pro-Palestinian NGOs meet in Tehran - 21:14 | 06\12\1395
Thursday, hundreds of members of pro-Palestinian NGOs from 40 states worldwide discussed how to support the Palestinian issue at the international scene.
Bell rang in Tehran school to mark Palestine - 15:23 | 03\12\1395
A ceremony was held in a Tehran school on Tuesday where authorities rang the bell in homage to the Palestinian intifada.
Photos: Tehran puts on pro-Palestinian ambience - 1:28 | 29\11\1395
Few days before the sixth international conference on intifada, billboards with pro-Palestinian call were set up across Tehran.
Israeli settlement law enrages world - 23:05 | 21\11\1395
International condemnations keep pouring in over Israel’s recent passing of a highly controversial law which legalized structures built on Palestinian land
Thinkers discuss Islamic awakening in region - 22:05 | 21\11\1395
A panel discussion was staged in Tehran on Thursday on the Islamic awakening in the presence of a group of foreign guests who were in the Iranian capital
On various issues of the Islamic awakening - 16:57 | 05\11\1395
Ayatollah Khamenei provided answers to the following questions on the ongoing but dormant wave of Islamic awakening
SDPN holds conference on Gaza resistance - 12:17 | 27\10\1395
Organized by the Society in Defense of the Palestinian Nation (SDPN), the conference was titled “Gaza, symbol of resistance.”
Israeli project goes beyond Palestine - 15:46 | 14\10\1395
Iraqi Vice President Nouri Maleki says Israel is an entity that should be treated beyond the issue of regional terrorism.
Archbishop Capucci passes away - 20:33 | 13\10\1395
Senior pro-Palestinian activist, Archbishop Hilarion Capucci passed away at the age of 94 in the Italian Capital of Rome on Sunday.
What were the top 10 BDS victories of 2016? - 12:58 | 11\10\1395
2016 began with a bang: French telecommunications giant Orange announced in early January it was dumping its Israel affiliate.
Israel’s economic forecast: Slowdown, high poverty - 14:52 | 08\10\1395
Zionist daily Yedioth Aharonoth says Israel should expect slow economic growth in the coming years.
Why the US declined vetoing anti-Israeli UN resolution - 20:15 | 07\10\1395
The resolution however will bear some omen for Palestine with Israel facing a major block from now on
Prospect of Intifada in 2017 - 17:28 | 05\10\1395
Palestinian website, Paltoday has inquired the views of several experts on the prospect of the current anti-occupation intifada in 2017.
Trump names hardliner US amb. to Israel - 15:09 | 02\10\1395
Trump chose a homeowner in the ethnically cleansed Talbiyeh neighborhood to be US ambassador to Israel
Assassination as Zionist regime’s strategy against opponents - 12:00 | 02\10\1395
Engineer Mohammed Zawari who was heading the pilots association in southern Tunisia was shot dead by some eight bullets
Hyundai profiting from Israel’s colonization of Golan Heights - 14:52 | 30\09\1395
Israel has capitalized on the ongoing conflict in Syria to seek international recognition of its annexation of the Golan Heights.
Trump’s ‘little secret’ revealed by ex-Israeli lawmaker - 22:10 | 29\09\1395
US President-elect Donald Trump paid money to the Israelis in 2003 to support constructions in an illegal settlement

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Walled Off hotel starts work in Beit Lahm
Only three meters away from the Apartheid Wall, a hotel was built and named after the Israeli apartheid wall,described as the hotel with ‘the worst view in the world’.