Bell rang in Tehran school to mark Palestine - 15:23 | 03\12\1395
A ceremony was held in a Tehran school on Tuesday where authorities rang the bell in homage to the Palestinian intifada.
Photos: Tehran puts on pro-Palestinian ambience - 1:28 | 29\11\1395
Few days before the sixth international conference on intifada, billboards with pro-Palestinian call were set up across Tehran.
Israeli settlement law enrages world - 23:05 | 21\11\1395
International condemnations keep pouring in over Israel’s recent passing of a highly controversial law which legalized structures built on Palestinian land
Thinkers discuss Islamic awakening in region - 22:05 | 21\11\1395
A panel discussion was staged in Tehran on Thursday on the Islamic awakening in the presence of a group of foreign guests who were in the Iranian capital
On various issues of the Islamic awakening - 16:57 | 05\11\1395
Ayatollah Khamenei provided answers to the following questions on the ongoing but dormant wave of Islamic awakening
SDPN holds conference on Gaza resistance - 12:17 | 27\10\1395
Organized by the Society in Defense of the Palestinian Nation (SDPN), the conference was titled “Gaza, symbol of resistance.”
Israeli project goes beyond Palestine - 15:46 | 14\10\1395
Iraqi Vice President Nouri Maleki says Israel is an entity that should be treated beyond the issue of regional terrorism.
Archbishop Capucci passes away - 20:33 | 13\10\1395
Senior pro-Palestinian activist, Archbishop Hilarion Capucci passed away at the age of 94 in the Italian Capital of Rome on Sunday.
What were the top 10 BDS victories of 2016? - 12:58 | 11\10\1395
2016 began with a bang: French telecommunications giant Orange announced in early January it was dumping its Israel affiliate.
Israel’s economic forecast: Slowdown, high poverty - 14:52 | 08\10\1395
Zionist daily Yedioth Aharonoth says Israel should expect slow economic growth in the coming years.
Why the US declined vetoing anti-Israeli UN resolution - 20:15 | 07\10\1395
The resolution however will bear some omen for Palestine with Israel facing a major block from now on
Prospect of Intifada in 2017 - 17:28 | 05\10\1395
Palestinian website, Paltoday has inquired the views of several experts on the prospect of the current anti-occupation intifada in 2017.
Trump names hardliner US amb. to Israel - 15:09 | 02\10\1395
Trump chose a homeowner in the ethnically cleansed Talbiyeh neighborhood to be US ambassador to Israel
Assassination as Zionist regime’s strategy against opponents - 12:00 | 02\10\1395
Engineer Mohammed Zawari who was heading the pilots association in southern Tunisia was shot dead by some eight bullets
Hyundai profiting from Israel’s colonization of Golan Heights - 14:52 | 30\09\1395
Israel has capitalized on the ongoing conflict in Syria to seek international recognition of its annexation of the Golan Heights.
Trump’s ‘little secret’ revealed by ex-Israeli lawmaker - 22:10 | 29\09\1395
US President-elect Donald Trump paid money to the Israelis in 2003 to support constructions in an illegal settlement
Israeli spies blamed for assassination of Hamas drone chief - 21:32 | 29\09\1395
A spy ring sent by Mossad, Israel’s foreign spy service, assassinated a senior Hamas expert in Tunisia
Israel, S Africa conducted nuclear test in 1979 - 1:46 | 20\09\1395
declassified documents indicate that Israel and the Apartheid regime of South Africa conducted a joint nuclear test in 1979
Israelis among most enthusiastic supporters of torture - 15:23 | 17\09\1395
Only in Israel, Nigeria and the United States do more people advocate torture of an enemy combatant than oppose such behavior
Administrative detentin three-fold in months - 16:30 | 10\09\1395
The number of administrative detainees in Israeli jails has made a leap of up to 300%