Gaza’s traditional handicrafts fight back - 13:10 | 29\10\1395
“Soft Hands”, an exhibition held at the Stars Entertainment Centre by the beach in Gaza City, has been showcasing the traditional crafts and arts of the Palestinian people
Palestinian factions agree to form unity government - 13:09 | 29\10\1395
Leading Palestinian movements, Hamas and Fatah, have agreed to form a new unity government following extensive negotiations in Moscow, Russia.
Israel concedes to Brazil's demand on ambassador qualifications - 11:20 | 29\10\1395
A diplomatic crisis that has gone on for a year and a half came to an end on Tuesday, as the Brazilian government approved new Israeli nomination
177 Koranic verses deal with character of Zionist-minded Jews - 10:44 | 29\10\1395
An Iranian researcher says Iran’s non-recognition of Israel as a Zionist regime is informed by the stand of the Holy Koran against the Zionist-minded Jews.
Paris conference, funeral without corpse - 17:47 | 28\10\1395
The conference held in Paris on Sunday looking at the Palestine-Israel conflict concluded with a usual final statement
Britain denounced for defending Israel in international forums - 17:40 | 28\10\1395
Palestinian and European officials on Monday slammed the UK’s apparent readiness to stand up for Israel
Amnesty urges end to ‘unlawful' detention of Sheikh Zakzaky - 17:36 | 28\10\1395
Amnesty called on the Nigerian government to comply with a court ruling that calls for an end to detention of Sheikh Zakzaky
Israelis kill Palestinian teen during protest in West Bank - 17:33 | 28\10\1395
Israeli forces have indiscriminately fired at a group of Palestinians protesting against Israeli settlements
Islamic Jihad gives Israel until Feb 1 to resolve detainees issue - 17:27 | 28\10\1395
The movement gave Israel until Feb 1 to end the solitary confinement of 5 detainees from the anti-occupation Movement
Hamas blasts Paris conference as absurd - 17:22 | 28\10\1395
The anti-occupation Hamas movement on Monday rejected Sunday’s Paris conference on Israeli-PA peace
Hezbollah recovers crashed Israeli drone - 17:19 | 28\10\1395
The Lebanese anti-occupation movement, Hezbollah has located an Israeli drone that crashed in Lebanese territory
Egypt court rejects transfer of islands to Saudi - 15:41 | 27\10\1395
An Egyptian court rejected on Monday a government plan to transfer two uninhabited Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia
Iranian foundations blast execution of 3 Bahraini activists - 15:25 | 27\10\1395
Several Iranian foundations have denounced the execution of three Bahraini activists over the alleged killing of a UAE officer in the country.
Footballer writes poem for three Bahraini martyrs - 13:29 | 27\10\1395
An Iranian footballer wrote a poem for the three Bahraini young activists who were murdered by the Al-Khalilfa regime’s forces yesterday.
Israeli forces detain 10 Palestinians in multiple predawn raids - 12:23 | 27\10\1395
Israeli forces detained at least 10 Palestinians and confiscated money in multiple predawn military raids across the occupied West Bank
PLO welcomes France peace conference closing statement - 12:11 | 27\10\1395
PLO has welcomed the closing statement of a Middle East peace conference held in France, "which stressed the need to end the Israeli occupation."
Syrian rebel group offering compromise with Israel - 12:07 | 27\10\1395
The so-called ‘national liberation front’ if Syria has offered a plan of compromise with Israel to the Zionist authorities, according to Tribune Juive website.
Protesters call on Netanyahu to resign over corruption allegations - 11:52 | 27\10\1395
Protesters have gathered on the streets of Tel Aviv, calling for the resignation of Netanyahu over growing allegations of corruption.
Israeli tank fires on besieged Palestinian Gaza Strip - 18:20 | 26\10\1395
An Israeli tank has shelled south of the besieged Gaza Strip after an alleged gunfire attack from the Palestinian coastal enclave targeted the occupied territories.
Israeli settlers invited to attend Trump inauguration - 18:18 | 26\10\1395
US President-elect Donald Trump invited the leaders of the Israeli Jewish settlers illegally living on occupied Palestinian territories to attend his inauguration