Palestinian nation suffering double innocence - 15:35 | 03\12\1395
Iranian Parliament Speaker says the Palestinian nation currently suffers double innocence as the regional crises have forced them to be left alone in the face of the Israeli aggression.
Israel committing worst form of ‘state’ terror - 15:10 | 03\12\1395
Lebanon’s Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri says Israel is committing the worst kind of “state-sponsored terrorism.”
All Muslim countries have responsibility to support Palestinian resistance - 15:07 | 03\12\1395
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says all Muslim countries have a responsibility to support Palestinian resistance, which should be a source of unity in the Islamic world.
Palestinian nation has chosen path of resistance - 9:18 | 02\12\1395
Chairman of the Iranian parliamentary committee in national security and foreign policy has reaffirmed that the Palestinian issue remains as the foremost issue of the Muslim community
Almayadeen TV network prepares special package on Intifada conference - 16:17 | 30\11\1395
Almayadeen TV network has prepared a special news package on the sixth international conference in support of Intifada.
Major book on Palestinian issue - 16:14 | 30\11\1395
A book compiling the views of the Islamic Revolution Leader will be unveiled on the sidelines of the sixth international conference on the Palestinian issue.
Hamas underlines significance of Tehran’ conference on Palestinian intifada - 14:47 | 30\11\1395
Hamas leader, Taher al-Nunu says an upcoming conference in Tehran on the Palestinian intifada further underlines the option of resistance against the Zionist regime.
US, Israeli leaders' new claims worthless - 1:14 | 29\11\1395
Iran says Israel's atomic weapons arsenal represents the biggest threat to the world peace
Hezbollah urges Israel to dismantle Dimona - 1:12 | 29\11\1395
Sayyed Nasrallah recommended Israel to remove its Dimona nuclear reactor as it was within Hezbollah's reach
Several EU lawmakers urge action against Israel - 15:33 | 28\11\1395
Several members of the European Parliament (MEPs) called on the EU to take concrete measures against Tel Aviv’s actions.
NFL players pull out of Israel propaganda tour - 11:06 | 24\11\1395
The NFL players repudiated a trip to Israel that was organized for them as a propaganda tour by the Zionist regime
Hamas to take part in intifada conference at high level - 14:56 | 23\11\1395
Hamas representative in Lebanon, Ali Baraka says the anti-occupation movement would take part in a pro-intifada conference in Tehran with a high-level delegation
CIA honors Saudi crown prince over terrorism - 14:21 | 23\11\1395
CIA has honored Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef with its prestigious “George Tenet Medal” for his "intelligence work in the fight against terrorism."
Iraqi, Palestinian youths join Feb 11 march - 17:30 | 22\11\1395
In Tehran, a large group of Iraqi youths hoisted flags of Iran and Iraq and chanted slogans against Israel and the US government.
Millions of Iranians mark revolutionary anniv - 17:23 | 22\11\1395
Iranians marked the day 38 years ago when the nation’s hard-fought Islamic Revolution against the former US-backed regime became victorious.
Two Palestinians killed in Israeli airstrike in Gaza - 23:01 | 21\11\1395
At least two Palestinians have lost their lives when the Israeli military carried out an airstrike against an area on the border between Egypt and besieged Gaza
Palestinian thinker thanks Iran's support - 22:57 | 21\11\1395
Palestinian thinker Sami Ashqar said the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran imbued a new soul into the Palestinian nation
Iran always supports Palestinian nation - 22:55 | 21\11\1395
Iraqi thinker Heisam Sahlani said the Islamic revolution of Iran accommodated pure Islamic principles, adding Iraqi Muslims take pride in following the revolution.
Turkish thinker congratulates 28th anniv of Islamic Revolution - 22:53 | 21\11\1395
Turkish thinker, Ali Iral congratulated the victory of the revolutionary anniversary to the Iranian nation and government
Israeli settler runs over, kills 81-year-old Palestinian - 21:21 | 20\11\1395
An Israeli settler has run over and killed an 81-year-old Palestinian man in the occupied West Bank.