Yemen death toll has reached 10,000, UN says - 11:17 | 29\10\1395
UN officials estimate that nearly 19 million people – 80% of the population – are in need of humanitarian aid, and more than 3 million have been displaced.
Most Israelis think Netanyahu lying - 10:52 | 29\10\1395
According to a poll, 54 percent of respondents said they don’t believe the prime minister’s protestations of innocence,
Israeli troopers murder two more Palestinians - 10:49 | 29\10\1395
At least two more Palestinians have been killed and several others injured by the Israeli troopers amid clashes over illegal settlements
Israeli raids at Al-Aqsa Mosque up by 250% last year - 17:42 | 28\10\1395
2016 witnessed the most Israeli raids at Al-Aqsa Mosque since the al-Quds (‘Jerusalem’) was occupied 50 years ago
Hamas holds Abbas, PA responsible for Gaza electricity crisis - 11:46 | 25\10\1395
Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhum said the ongoing electricity crisis was intentional and aimed to close the siege on Gaza and create chaos.
South African opposition leader blasted over Israel visit - 11:39 | 25\10\1395
South Africa’s opposition leader visited Israel this week, raising the ire of the ruling African National Congress (ANC)
Palestinian Embassy to open in Vatican city - 21:26 | 24\10\1395
A first Palestinian Embassy will open in the Vatican city on Saturday January 14 in a ceremony to be attended by Abbas and Pope Francis.
West Bank has become Israel's garbage can - 21:22 | 24\10\1395
Green groups warned on Thursday that the occupied West Bank’s ecosystem is reaching a point of no return.
National council initiative features in Palestinian dailies - 18:45 | 23\10\1395
An agreement between Hamas and Fatah to attend jointly a national council session gained top headlines
Israel to build settleemnt on Palestinian trucker’s house site - 18:34 | 23\10\1395
Israel is planning to build a new illegal settlement on site of home of the man involved in a deadly truck attack
Palestinian dailies run top headlines over Salihi urdering - 13:17 | 22\10\1395
Palestinian dailies on Wednesday ran top headlines over the murdering of a Palestinian man at the hand of the Israeli troopers a day earlier.
Team from Morocco visits Israel - 13:07 | 22\10\1395
The delegation is going to attend a conference on ‘cultural adaption and life’ and to visit the Israeli parliament
Israel delivers residency revocation orders to family of attacker - 13:00 | 22\10\1395
Israeli forces raided the occupied al-Quds to deliver warrants notifying relatives of Qunbar that their residency status would be punitively revoked
Nasrallah regrets Rafsanjani's demise - 10:40 | 20\10\1395
Nasrallah in his condolence message called the late figure as great supporter, a kind father and a powerful backer of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon.
South African President: Don't visit Israel - 10:34 | 20\10\1395
South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma is calling on South Africans not to visit Israel in order to show solidarity with the people of Palestine
4 Israeli forces dead in truck ramming attack - 19:12 | 19\10\1395
At least four Israeli forces were killed and more than a dozen others injured when a truck rammed into the troopers
Media tycoon identified as key figure in Netanyahu probe - 19:08 | 19\10\1395
Mozes is the businessman who negotiated mutual benefits with Netanyahu, Israeli Channel 2 reported
Spanish region adopts Israel boycott - 19:06 | 19\10\1395
A vote on Israel at the Provincial Council of Valencia took place during a general assembly on Dec. 29
Israel spying on Russian arms in Syria - 22:18 | 18\10\1395
Israel says a spy satellite of its own has discovered a cache of Russian-made short-range ballistic missiles in Syria
Almost 7,000 Iraqi civilians killed in 2016 - 17:18 | 16\10\1395
Almost 7,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed throughout 2016 as a result of continued violence and turmoil