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Palestinians lay to rest young martyr 16:23 | 29\12\1395

Thousands of Palestinians laid to rest two martyrs: Murad Abu Gazi and Saad al-Qaisiya

Thousands of Palestinians on Saturday afternoon laid to rest two martyrs: Murad Abu Gazi, from al-Aroub refugee camp and Saad al-Qaisiya from al-Thaheriya town.  

The participants in the funeral chanted anti-occupation slogans calling for avenging martyrs and continuing resistance actions.

Martyr Qaisiya, 24, was killed early March near a settlement that was established by force over the land of his town. His body was handed to his family on Friday. 

The other martyr Abu Gaza, who is a minor, was murdered on Friday by Israeli soldiers at the entrance of al-Aroub refugee camp.