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Iran has kept flag of support to Palestine hoisted worldwide 18:56 | 16\12\1395

The Lebanese lawmaker said the intifada conference was exceptional because Iran endures massive international pressures

Member of the Lebanese parliament, Walid Sokriya says Iran’s move to hold the sixth international conference in support of the Palestinian intifada early in February was precious as it came at time when certain Muslim states have moved to normalize ties with Israel at the cost of the Palestinian issue.

The Lebanese lawmaker said the move was also exceptional because Iran endures massive international pressures following the 1979 Islamic revolution however it has refused to relinquish its principles and instead has kept the flag of support to the Palestinian nation hoisted worldwide.

Sokriya regretted that certain Arab states have stretched hand of friendship to Israel, adding “while they are not expected to keep the principle of support to Palestine they are also not expected to forge ties with the enemy number one of the Muslim community.”

The lawmaker urged for follow-up sessions for the ratifications of Tehran’s intifada conference.

Sokriya was then asked about an Iranian offer to stage a referendum over the fate of Palestine in which all original Palestinians, including Muslims, Christians and Jews.

He welcomed the offer, saying it would reflect the demands of a nation whose rights have been violated in the past 70 years.

He urged those concerned about the Palestinian ordeal to promote the referendum offer in international bodies.