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Nationwide referendum, a solution to Palestinian conflict 15:23 | 13\12\1395

The strategy seeks to have Palestinian refugees return to Palestine from across the world before they vote in a referendum

Qods News Agency (Qodsna); Alireza Arab:

At least four distinct political solutions have already been offered concerning the longstanding Palestinian conflict:

a- Islamic resistance

The strategy aims at liberating the entire historical Palestine from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River, actually seeking the removal of Israel.

The regional Islamic resistance force led by Iran follows the solution. The force consists of Iraqi Islamic resistance groups (namely Iraqi source of Shia jurisprudence, Dawa party, Iraqi High Assembly and military forces like Hashd al-Shabi), Syria, Lebanese Hezbollah, Yemeni Ansarollah as well as the Palestinian movements of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

B- Two-state

The strategy seeks the establishment and peaceful coexistence of a Palestinian state beside Israel. Palestinian state under the strategy however would be formed with limited civil and disciplinary powers in Gaza and the West Bank.

The UN, the EU and the International Tripartite Peace Committee (including the US and Russia) support the strategy.

Many Arab Muslim states in the region including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and Jordan too support the solution albeit there are difference over how to carry out the strategy.

C- Single state

It seeks to carry out the racist strategy of the formation of a single Jewish state without allowing any Palestinian entity to exist alongside it.

Under the strategy, Palestinians should concede to ‘Jewish’ identity of Israel and live in the state as second-class citizens after relinquishing their Arab and Islamic identity.

Extreme rightist groups in Israel, including the ruling Likud party support the strategy that will actually turn Israel into an incarnate of Apartheid regime in the 21st century.

D- Nationwide referendum in Palestine

The strategy seeks to have Palestinian refugees return to Palestine from across the world before they vote in a referendum in which all original Palestinians including Muslims, Druze, Christians or Jewish are allowed to cast a ballot to decide their favorite political system

The democratic solution was first offered by the Islamic Revolution Leader, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khomeini.

The democratic offer has the capacity to find an international and legal legitimacy. To that effect, the solution should be first presented at three levels: among Palestinians, at regional level and at the international scene. Pro-Palestinian NGOs may play an effective role in advancing the mission.

It shall be noted that the democratic solution should be in synergy with the key solution of