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Major campaign needed to turn referendum offer into public call 18:11 | 11\12\1395

Though viable, the offer was boycotted by the western governments as it would help remove their fabricated state ‘Israel’

Qods News Agency; Mohammad Ali Takht Ravandeh:

The earliest occasion when the Islamic Republic offered to stage a referendum as a solution to the Palestinian problem was in 2000. At that time, the Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ali offered to hold a referendum in which all original Palestinians, including Muslims, Christians and Jews are allowed to decide their destiny and type of government.

Though viable, the offer has been as expected boycotted by the western governments as it would help remove their fabricated state ‘Israel’ once materialized. Israeli fabrication was a conspiracy by the West and helped them to keep dominance over the energy-rich Middle East.

It behooves on those concerned with the situation to help turn the offer into a general call worldwide, especially among the western public opinion. Also, in light of the existing sensitivities concerning the Islamic Republic, the mission would rather be taken by the western activists who have are concerned about the Palestinian ordeal. The human mission however would have costs.

There are also many Palestinians in the western states whose hearts are beating for their homeland. They may take the stage as pioneers of the mission. The Muslim community is supposed to motivate and support them.

Pro-Palestinian NGOs may also serve a part as they have an exceptional capacity to develop the offer into a general call. They have already displayed their capacity in resolving numerous national and international crises.

Next in the line are media which may serve a unique role in managing the public opinion. The emergence of independent media in the past few years, especially in the virtual space is an omen that people-based media may finally have their say on the Palestinian issue and challenge the Zionist monopoly over the world media. The newly-emerged capacity may play an effective role in making the referendum offer into a public call.

The campaign for referendum may be pursued in the international bodies, including the UN Human Rights Council, the Non-Aligned Movement, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the Economic Cooperation Organization.

It is also of note that any campaign for the referendum call must be combined with a tireless anti-occupation struggle across the occupied Palestine. Israel and its western backers may only consider the referendum demand once they come under pressure. The first intifada made them to admit to the Palestinian identity and the second intifada helped free Gaza from a 38-year occupation.