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Unlikely Aoun visit Saudi before informing Hezbollah 15:46 | 17\10\1395

Arab expert in regional affairs says it was unlikely that Aoun visited Saudi without giving prior information to Hezbollah.

Arab expert in regional affairs, Ahmad al-Bahrani says it was unlikely that the newly-elected Lebanese President Michel Aoun visited Saudi without giving prior information to the Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah.

“The new president is considered a strategic ally of Hezbollah; that was Hezbollah which helped him to gain the post,” Bahrani told the Qods News Agency (Qodsna).

Bahrani touched on the surprise of certain circles about the first destination of Aoun’s visit as president, adding however that Lebanon could retain its independent supportive position concerning the anti-occupation resistance groups even while keeping ties with Saudi.

“Hezbollah too has no decision to impede the government’s normal work in light of its powerful position,” Bahrani added.

Asked about Saudi invitation to Aoun despite its early objection to his election, the expert said Saudi shifted its stance after realizing that Aoun was more popular among the Lebanese Christians.

The expert added that Aoun’s visit to Saudi showed he could move ahead even with his ties with Iran and Hezbollah and that his past position over Iran and Hezbollah were his personal decisions.

The expert also suggested that Aoun’s visit to Saudi may present him as a possible mediator between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Bahrani said Aoun’s agenda may include oil and military relations.