"What currently happens in Palestine portrays the most flagrant violation of human rights."

Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, Leader of the Islamic Revolution

Quds, the revered, manifests a sense of commitment and a desire for a cause in the Islamic world. Quds represents Muslims' aspirations. It will one day be free from the claws of Zionism. That day the unifying proclamation of Mohammedan monotheism from the minarets of mosques across the city will please ears. That day Palestine will be free with its people relieved from years of implacable jihad against Zionist occupiers, offering prayers to Allah for victory and conquest.

That day the world’s Muslims will chortle from heart for finding the first Muslim qibla free from the occupiers who have shackled freedom and demanded Muslims to yield. Until the time, the liberation of the sacred Quds will remain the dream of Muslims so that those who love Islam are expected to put their backs into the sacred cause.

Qods News Agency (QODSNA) is meant to be a stride for the revolution of the Palestinian Muslim people. It tries to make the realities of this revolution heard in the world. Qods News Agency seeks to communicate the message of the Palestinian revolution. It has taken on the job realizing the highly competitive field of news and media work.


Qods News Agency pursues the following objectives.


1- To offer latest news and reports about the occupied Palestine

2- To stress on authenticity and speed in news work

3- To apply state-of-the-art communication technology to pass on unbiased and open information about the Palestinian Muslim revolution

4- To help the audience to achieve genuine insights into the revolution of the Palestinian Muslim nation by broadly furnishing them with information about the current developments on the Palestinian issue and its history.

5- To support as a reliable medium the principled and invaluable movements of the Palestinian Muslim nation.


Palestinian developments top the agency's working agenda which is mainly supplied by immediate sources within Palestine, not ignoring other news sources based in countries neighboring the occupied Palestine or elsewhere across the Middle East.


The agency is a newer experience in non-governmental media activities in Iran with an international scope. Prior to its birth, no NGO-based news agency may open in Iran unless surpassing several hurdles such as inexperience, poor hardware and software equipments, and lack of calibered staff or qualified directors.


The Qods News Agency (QODSNA) was a successful pilot experience of a globally-stretched non-governmental news agency. The success was further proved by the public welcome of Iran's media community, including those run by the government.


The agency is sponsored by the Society in Defense of the Palestinian Nation (SDPN) while maintaining its independent procedural rules for a common goal of supporting the Palestinian Muslim nation via professional media work.

While the agency news material and archives may be reached through correspondence, they can also be reached via web at the following routes which led to a single page:





QODSNA is designed to relay news about latest Palestinian developments by word or photos in the three languages of Persian, Arabic, and English. It also offers special stories about political, economic and social aspects of the Palestinian society and its personalities.


The agency collects news via a number of channels:

A- The agency's reporters residing in the occupied lands

B- Its affiliated news offices based in regional Arab countries

C- Other international news sources

D- Home-based reporters


QODSNA follows the thoughts and aspirations of the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini, may his soul rest in peace.


QODSNA intends to shed light on the criminal conduct of the Zionist regime which has imposed its existence on the Muslim world like a cancerous tumor. Struggling against news imperialism in support of the revolution of the Palestinian Muslim nation is next on the agency's agenda.

Seasoned staffs besides sources based in the occupied lands or outside have all provided an appropriate opportunity for the agency to accomplish the goal of unbiased and reliable news work.

The agency's news room encompasses boards of news in Persian, Arabic and English along with a translation department which is tasked with coordinating the news production.

For more information, please contact QODSNA public relations department via telephone numbers of (+98) 88973795-7 or e-mail addresses of info@qodsna.com or qodsna@gmail.com.